US Mail Carrier Pup Pet Costume

October 24, 2022

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Dog Clothes

This little getup is instantly recognizable, yet it’s far from typical! A mini rendition on an actual USPS uniform, this dog costume is adorably accurate. Onlookers will instantly recognize the USPS reference—from the uniform itself (blue striped pants, a shirt, and a hat) to the adorably accurate USPS box attached to the outfit. The box is attached to two “arms,” which jut out as appendages from the costume in a way that appears to have your dog carrying the box.


This outfit is made from a combination of soft synthetic fabric and polyester. It’s relatively comfortable, so it should be well-tolerated by most pups. It’s available in sizes XS-L; that said, it does tend to run a bit small in the shoulder area, so be sure to account for this factor if your dog is a broader breed. Accessories, like the hat and box, really make this costume. It’s worth noting, however, that the box does require a tiny bit of assembly, so it’s not entirely pret a porter, so to speak! That said, assembling the box takes only a few minutes.

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