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Tfwadmx Bird Food Water Bowl with Mirror Toys Set

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Parrot SS Feeding & Watering Dish Cups with Wooden Platform Stand Perch for Cockatiel Budgie Finch Conure Supplies

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An ideal gift for small birds

Our small bird food cups toy contains a mirror, two food bowls, a perching stick and two small rattan balls suspended by clips which parrot can play with.The small bird food cups toy integrates multiple functions in one. You can get multiple services for one thing.

Super easy to install, no extra tools needed. The bird feeders toys kit has a screw and a small piece of iron on the back. All you need to do is hang the conure bird toys on the cage. Then put what you want your pet to eat into the bowl and it starts working for your pet.

Watering Supplies

Our bird feeders with mirror toys set includes 1 round glass mirror, 2 metal feeding bowls, 1 wooden bird platform perch and 2 small rattan balls suspended by clips that parrots can play with. This versatile design not only meets the daily dietary needs of pet birds, but also adds to the fun. It is a great parakeet cage accessories.

Remove protective film
There is a protective film above the mirror, the film needs to be removed before use.

Clear mirror
The design of the mirror is perfect for our lovely birds. They can tidy themselves up and admire themselves by looking in the mirror. Pets have a love of beauty, just like us.

Wood perch
The perch allows the birds to eat standing on it, so the birds don’t feel crowded when they eat. When not eating, they can also stand on it to rest and look in the mirror. It is a great place.

Rattan ball
This rattan ball is made of wood, wounded into the shape of ball to make it more attractive. It can be clamped to the wood perch, not easy to lose. Let our birds reduce loneliness, maintaining a good mood.

Feeding cups
Two food bowls are made of stainless steel, which is more convenient in daily use. Dry food and wet water can be fed together, more conducive to the digestion of small birds.


Our Hanging cage bird feeders for smaller birds are made from environmentally friendly natural wood, durable stainless steel and glass mirrors, which are carefully selected and processed before being put into use. The stainless steel cups is not very deep, so the birds can easily eat the food. The bird cage mirror for parakeet has a protective film that you can remove before use so that the birds can happily see their own lovely figures in it and have fun.

Our food cups toys are made of natural wood. We choose trees in thick growth, getting plenty of sunshine, with unique fragrance. It is formed through multiple processes to make it more attractive. It is suitable for small parrots, such as parakeets, conures, cockatiels, cockatoos, lovebirds, canaries and etc.

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