Wysong Dream Treats For Dogs/Cats/Ferrets – Raw Food – 4.9 Ounce Bag

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  • No-Worry, No-Guilt, Snacking For The Important Companion Animal In Your Life. No-Mess Discs Are Easy To Carry Along For Training Treats And Excellent To Share Any Time
  • Wysong Has Been A Leader In Pet Nutrition Since 1979
  • Contains Meats, Plant Nutrients, Nutraceuticals, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamins, Minerals And An Array Of Micronutrients. High In Natural Protein And Fat Content
  • Not Heated Above 118 Degrees Fahrenheit. A True Non-Thermal Freeze-Dried Raw Product! Free Of “Fillers” — Non-Nutritional Additives Used By Manufacturers To Create Color, Texture, Stool Consistency, Or Shelf-Life

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Dream Treats are Starch-Free raw meat treats, uniquely processed without damaging heat using our Wysong True Non-Thermal, manufacturing technology. Each meaty disc is loaded with extra vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, powerful natural nutraceuticals and more! Developed by our own Dr. Wysong, manufactured in our own manufacturing facility. A truly beneficial dog, cat, or ferret treat (yes, it’s a raw ferret food too)! Dream Treats natural dog and cat treats are great tasting, no-worry, no-guilt, snacking for the important companion animal in your life. The no-mess discs are easy to carry along for training treats and excellent to share any time. Serve every day to ensure an optimal supply of important nutrients and as a gift of love… real genetically appropriate natural food your pet dreams about

30 reviews for Wysong Dream Treats For Dogs/Cats/Ferrets – Raw Food – 4.9 Ounce Bag

  1. ganeesha99

    This is most likely an excellent product, alas my ferret does not like it, so it is no use to us. Please give it a try first before you disregard. Good ingredients, I believe, just ferrets are notoriously finicky.

  2. Brenda L. Phillips

    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, and this is one treat they ALL enjoy! My little terrier tries to snatch them out of my hand before I can even break them up! Our husky nudges in closer like, “Me too, me too”! I may have given the cats another treat or two with some feined interest, but when these come out and I put them down for them to eat, they just start purring away! I first received these from my local healthy pet store as a sample, but they did not carry them on a regular basis. So, I was very happy to find them here at Amazon! My pets and I thank you! Would love to see them on subscribe and save (hint, hint!).

  3. M.H.

    arrived in small crumbles pieces and pile of snack dust

  4. Josh

    My cat is a monster. This is important for you to know up front. She’s a vicious little creature who I am fairly certain is the feline equivalent of Cerberus. When she isn’t busy mauling my wife or I, sometimes she demands things like treats. She also demands belly rubs but that is always a (strangely irresistible) trap that invariably ends in blood and tears – and never hers.These treats don’t calm her in any way, but they do give her something else to bite for a while. She loves them so much that one time, when I was at work, she fashioned an elaborate structure out of ropes, and pulleys to get up on the counter, chew her way through the bag, and eat them all!Okay, fine, it wasn’t ropes and pulleys, it was just a jump to a chair, then a table, then the counter – but she DID eat her way THROUGH THE BAG and then consume EVERY LAST CRUMB!It sated her for several hours. Then the maulings began anew until I got another package of Wysong Dream Treats from Amazon.Most of my body is now covered in scar tissue thanks to this hell-spawned beast that somehow became our pet. What little of my skin is not destroyed, is healthy thanks to these amazing cat treats. #ThanksWysong

  5. Shari A.

    My cats go crazy for the rabbit or quail freeze dried dream treats, excellent quality.

  6. Isabel Baretta

    I gave my ferretts one a day and they were gone fast, but my ferrets eat them usually right away when given

  7. Jeff

    Bought these for my ferrets. Drizzt is my male and he eats everything and he wouldn’t touch them. Ash is my female and she looked at them sniffed them and shrugged them off. Maybe my little guys are just picky but they didn’t seem interesting at all. I have been taking them and breaking them apart into tiny pieces and mixing them with my morning soup I make them. I use duck soup, the raw food from wysong and some kibble. They eat it but I don’t think they know they’re in there. YMMV

  8. Anna Pendleton

    My ferret loves them. He was unsure of the first couple, but he’s addicted now that he’s gotten a taste. Can be given as one XL treat for him to work on for several minutes or broken up in smaller bits.

  9. Amazon Customer

    My dog will only “go to bed” (aka the crate) for a chunk of one of these. Please don’t ever stop making them… We won’t be able to get her in ever again if that happens 🤣She loves them. The cat is a huge fan as well. she will sit at the treat cabinet and cry. Yes I am that kind of person… Thay are my babies 😉

  10. greyblackwhip

    My dogs and ferrets like these. They are not cheap, but also not as expensive as some comparable products. I would have given 5 starts but only gave 4 because they are shipped in an envelope and, obviously, arrive with pieces in crumbs. I do wish they were packaged better.

  11. margaret king

    My cats and dogs are crazy about these. I know it’s a wonderful healthy treat for them. I have one cat who is a little picky and too domesticated. He thinks Wysong Dream treats are a dream! Hahaha

  12. Madeline R.

    Two out of three cats give these rabbit treats five stars. The other gives them three so I split the difference. Oh, and the dog also votes for five but it’s hard to take his tastes too seriously as he once ate an empty pack of cigarettes he found when we were on a walk. Ugh. Do note that these treats are huge wafers, and not that many to a bag. Unless your cats are jungle-size you will want to break these into small pieces. It’s not that hard to do. There will be some residual dust, which can be sprinkled on food they would otherwise ignore. I’m thinking of trying the cats on Wysong now also, maybe blending it with what I usually buy.

  13. Fish Saver

    I have used these for many rescue cats but found it easier to buy on Amazon (and different types).I cut them up and put in small cup and add spring water. Then after soaking I add it to their other wet food, with extra water mixed in, as well vegetables (loves that) then I sprinkle the Wysong Add Life. The rescue I have now, eats that mix throughout the day.It is hard to find information on the web (I have books) but dry foods cause many illnesses in cats. I often feed raw diets as well (from prime meats). Think how a cat or any animal in the wild eats. The gut (with fermented foods first (partially digested grains, grasses and if a carnivore meat).””””””Cats typically drink little water throughout the day. In fact, they have a reduced thirst drive compared to other pets, meaning that they sometimes don’t feel thirsty despite being dehydrated. As a result, cats rely on their food as a major source of their daily water intake.””””””Naturally, wet food contains a lot more water content than dry food. This better simulates what cats would eat in the wild, as small prey also contain more moisture than dry foods. Extra moisture promotes kidney, bladder, andurinary tract health for your cats. On the other hand, prolonged dehydration can irritate your cat’s urinary tract and possibly lead to kidney disease.””””

  14. Chula

    Lo mejor que encontre para mis hurones ellos les fascina

  15. Julinar Zara Al-Akshar

    I originally purchased this for my ferret but when i got it and read the ingredients it’s NOT good for ferrets AT ALL! Buyers beware! However my CATS LOVE IT!! There’s a lot of fruits and vegetables in this product that’s ferrets absolutely can not eat. They can’t digest these things and can potentially kill them. So do not buy this for your ferret. For your cat or dog this is an amazing product that’s why i gave it 5 stars.

  16. Jennifer

    I have one dog and two cats and they ALL love this treat. It’s awesome because I can use it as a treat, crumble it as a food topper, or break apart and put in toys for my dog. After being introduced to these by a friend, we always have at least one bag I’m the house.

  17. Auctorial Heathyr

    One of my cats has developed IBS so I’ve had to switch him to a novel protein diet of rabbit. He loves his treats and I tried a couple of rabbit meat treats which didn’t interest him. However, he -and the other cats- love these. I break them into smaller pieces and crush them a bit to make it easier for the cats to eat. They love treat time.

  18. LL R&R

    Wysong is a bit expensive, but this is a treat for a treat to have quail. They all love these, you don’t have to soak them, but I do break them up. Each round is pretty big. The packaging is strong and airtight, better than what pet food companies usually use. They stay fresh for months once opened. (I forgot I had them once, and was surprised they were not effected by the time.)

  19. Salustra Wallace

    Expensive but for ferrets great they love them and I give a 1/4 to 1/2 at a time.

  20. Jo Loggains

    Wow, these things are a hit! My four cats don’t often all agree on a treat, but these Dream Treats received 100% approval! They look like brown cookies, but they are not hard to break up in smaller pieces. They also work great as toppers on canned food – just crumble a Dream Treat and sprinkle it over some canned food – that food will be scarfed up in seconds! These things are $$$expensive$$$ so they won’t be an every day treat in our house – but the cats love em, and they have a pretty healthy ingredients list (as all Wysong products do) so I will continue to purchase these for use as “special” treats as a reward (enticing them to eat a can they don’t like, after a nail clipping, after pilling, etc) When I pull out this bag of treats, a stampede of cats storms into the kitchen – these treats and chicken Purebites are the only treats that have ever gotten this kind of reaction 🙂

  21. Christie B.

    Very good, very satisfied!

  22. Megan

    Well, this seller is very satisfactory. Support it.

  23. Rebecca

    Baby received it. I like it very much. The buyer is very trustworthy!

  24. electrotech

    The quality is very good, beyond my expectation, the packaging is very careful, thank you very much.

  25. Piper

    The host is nice and very welcoming. Hope your business is getting better and better!

  26. Kortni

    The seller’s service is really thoughtful. I will bring my colleagues with me in the future.

  27. Oksana Neborak

    Very good seller, absolutely support.

  28. MIM

    Good seller, the items are very good, I will come again in the future, you can buy with confidence.

  29. Maria A LaLuna

    In anticipation, I finally got my favorite thing, thank you!

  30. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied with the goods, really good.

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