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Frisco French Beret Guinea Pig Costume Hat

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frisco french beret guinea pig

For the distinguished, fashionable guinea pig, this is certainly the costume this Halloween. This adorable beret is perfectly sized for guinea pig cuteness during Halloween parties and furry photo ops. It’s really easy to put on, too, with an elastic chin strap and an adjustable toggle to help you find the best fit for your small friend. Just pop it on and jet off to the beautiful streets of Paris—or stay home and enjoy their squeaks of joy!


Guinea pigs are cute and delicate, so adding a little hat for Halloween goes a long way. Our top pick has a certain je ne sais quoi that will have your guinea pig feeling like the star of Emily in Paris–or at least a Parisian mime! This petit beret is chic and easy to slip on and off, and the elastic chin strap, with an adjustable toggle, will keep it perched on your guinea pig’s head without being too tight.

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