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Tfwadmx Bird Food Water Bowl with Mirror Toys Set

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Parrot SS Feeding & Watering Dish Cups with Wooden Platform Stand Perch for Cockatiel Budgie Finch Conure Supplies

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An ideal gift for small birds

Our small bird food cups toy contains a mirror, two food bowls, a perching stick and two small rattan balls suspended by clips which parrot can play with.The small bird food cups toy integrates multiple functions in one. You can get multiple services for one thing.

Super easy to install, no extra tools needed. The bird feeders toys kit has a screw and a small piece of iron on the back. All you need to do is hang the conure bird toys on the cage. Then put what you want your pet to eat into the bowl and it starts working for your pet.

Watering Supplies

Our bird feeders with mirror toys set includes 1 round glass mirror, 2 metal feeding bowls, 1 wooden bird platform perch and 2 small rattan balls suspended by clips that parrots can play with. This versatile design not only meets the daily dietary needs of pet birds, but also adds to the fun. It is a great parakeet cage accessories.

Remove protective film
There is a protective film above the mirror, the film needs to be removed before use.

Clear mirror
The design of the mirror is perfect for our lovely birds. They can tidy themselves up and admire themselves by looking in the mirror. Pets have a love of beauty, just like us.

Wood perch
The perch allows the birds to eat standing on it, so the birds don’t feel crowded when they eat. When not eating, they can also stand on it to rest and look in the mirror. It is a great place.

Rattan ball
This rattan ball is made of wood, wounded into the shape of ball to make it more attractive. It can be clamped to the wood perch, not easy to lose. Let our birds reduce loneliness, maintaining a good mood.

Feeding cups
Two food bowls are made of stainless steel, which is more convenient in daily use. Dry food and wet water can be fed together, more conducive to the digestion of small birds.


Our Hanging cage bird feeders for smaller birds are made from environmentally friendly natural wood, durable stainless steel and glass mirrors, which are carefully selected and processed before being put into use. The stainless steel cups is not very deep, so the birds can easily eat the food. The bird cage mirror for parakeet has a protective film that you can remove before use so that the birds can happily see their own lovely figures in it and have fun.

Our food cups toys are made of natural wood. We choose trees in thick growth, getting plenty of sunshine, with unique fragrance. It is formed through multiple processes to make it more attractive. It is suitable for small parrots, such as parakeets, conures, cockatiels, cockatoos, lovebirds, canaries and etc.

Small Pet and Reptile

Frisco Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Small Pet Bandana

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Small Pet Pumpkin Bandana

Your little pet is the jack of all trades when it comes to style! Just imagine how spook-tacular they’re going to look when rocking this Frisco Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin bandana. Halloween parties? Not a problem. Photo ops for the digital scrapbook? Bring ‘em on. Just tie this orange bandana loosely around their neck and watch as they instantly transform into the best dressed in the house! This small pet bandana makes dressing up your little friend super easy, plus it’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

Small Pet

Your guinea pig will look gourd-geous with this tiny jack o’ lantern bandana. It’s our top choice for pumpkin costume, because the style is very easy to put on, offering a straightforward way to give your guinea pig a little seasonal flair. Simply place the bandana around your guinea pig’s neck, and loosely tie the ends of the ribbon together. We also like this pumpkin style that wraps around the belly, and this bite-sized pumpkin hat made of yarn.

Small Pet and Reptile

Frisco French Beret Guinea Pig Costume Hat

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frisco french beret guinea pig

For the distinguished, fashionable guinea pig, this is certainly the costume this Halloween. This adorable beret is perfectly sized for guinea pig cuteness during Halloween parties and furry photo ops. It’s really easy to put on, too, with an elastic chin strap and an adjustable toggle to help you find the best fit for your small friend. Just pop it on and jet off to the beautiful streets of Paris—or stay home and enjoy their squeaks of joy!


Guinea pigs are cute and delicate, so adding a little hat for Halloween goes a long way. Our top pick has a certain je ne sais quoi that will have your guinea pig feeling like the star of Emily in Paris–or at least a Parisian mime! This petit beret is chic and easy to slip on and off, and the elastic chin strap, with an adjustable toggle, will keep it perched on your guinea pig’s head without being too tight.

Small Pet and Reptile

eCOTRITION 3-in-1 Snak Shak Activity Log

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Chew Treat

Made with golden honey flavor, these unique 3-in-1 activity logs provide a fun hideaway, a great tasting treat and promote small animals’ natural chewing instinct. With their natural wood look, these logs are sure to add a little more enjoyment and stimulation on a daily basis to small pets’ homes. The large activity log is great for both guinea pigs and rabbits. In a variety of sizes and shapes, these accessories add fun and excitement to any small animal’s cage.


This versatile toy is not only a good place to hide out, but it is also completely chewable and edible. The eCOTRITION 3-in-1 Snak Shak Log Pet Treat is made from wood shavings, fresh alfalfa, and honey for a nutritious and tasty treat. The log has protein, fat, and fiber. The large sized tunnel is 7 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Small Pet and Reptile

WINOMO Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy Snuggle Hut for Squirre

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Hamster Hanging Toy

Let your guinea pig hang out, literally, with the Small Pet Hammock Hanging Snuggle Hut by WINOMO. This adorable hammock is made from a soft, furry brown fabric and has an open top with a side hole to peer out. It hangs from a cage using four clip chains, and can be easily moved around or transferred. The swing part is made from a durable fabric with strong stitching.


This Fuzzy Nest gives your lovely rat or birds a warm and comfortable hut to rest. Come with 4 hanging clips which allows the hammocks to attach firmly to the cage, it will provide the good place for the pets. It’s an ideal place designed for your little friends, safe and warm for them to sleep or play inside.Be sure to position this hammock low to ground, to make it easy for your pet to climb into and to avoid any fall risk. For a change, unclip the hammock and turn it upside down for a small fort. The hammock is 8 inches wide x 5 inches tall. The hanging wires are 17 inches long.

Small Pet and Reptile

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Animal Playpen

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Multi-Color Small Animal Playpen

Use the Prevue Pet Products Small Pet Playpen when you want to bond with your guinea pig or let them expand their boundaries and explore outside of their cage, but still stay safe and contained. You can set up the colorful playpen outside or in your living room. It has eight panels that are 13 inches wide x 9 inches tall; the diameter of the playpen is 36 inches total. The pen is able to connect to more panels if an extra large space is needed. Always supervise pets when in the playpen so they don’t crawl under or climb out.

Small Animals

Play and have fun with your small animal while keeping them enclosed in a secure space. Keep an eye on them from any angle, interact, and have fun with your pet. Our easy to assemble pet fence is great for many types of small animals, and you can use it for guinea pigs, small rabbits, dwarf hamsters, and small puppies. Add more playpen panel sets to build out your pet’s space. Our expandable pet fence can create a bigger play space for pets if needed; just combine more pet fence sets. Let your pet play safely and securely with our animal fence. It’s an ideal choice for hamsters, gerbils, and other small animals.

Small Pet and Reptile

Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball for Small Animals

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If you’re sensing a chewing trend, it’s because rabbits really, really love to chew. We love the Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball because it encourages chewing while keeping your rabbit entertained as they nudge and push this branch ball around. It’s made from all-natural willow and measures 4 inches around. It’s available in single packs as well as packs of three or five.


The tightly woven design allows the ball to last for a long time, even with aggressive chewers. It’s the perfect size for pushing and playing, but it’s small enough to fit in most rabbit cages. It can occupy even the most active rabbits, though some owners remark that they wish it lasted a bit longer.

Pet Products Small Pet and Reptile

Manna Pro Organic Starter Crumbles Chicken Feed

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Chicken starter feed is meant for chicks that are a day old through 8 weeks of age. It generally contains a higher protein content than grower, layer, and broiler feeds. Made with 19 percent protein, Manna Pro Organic Starter Crumbles Chicken Feed is nutritionally complete, which means it’s the only feed you’ll need for the first eight weeks of your chickens’ lives. Make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water and your feeding regimen is complete.

Chicken Feed

Ingredients in Manna Pro Organic Starter Crumbles include organic corn, soybean meal, barley, wheat midds, and soy oil. It also has all the necessary vitamin and mineral supplementation, including folic acid, niacin, calcium, riboflavin, and vitamins D3, A, E, and B12.

Manna Pro offers both medicated and non-medicated versions of its starter crumble in 5- and 30-pound bags.

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